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Harnessing the power of insights and data, 6sense empowers your revenue team to be more efficient, effective, and confident with Targeted, Personalized Marketing Campaigns & Experiences at Scale.


Devices. Channels. People.

Uncovering demand requires insights into what prospects are doing throughout the entire buying journey – from early-stage interest, all the way down to interactions with late-stage marketing content. 

6sense is the only platform that captures intent signals from every known and anonymous source and connects it all to prospect accounts. This patented AI platform scores over a quarter-billion accounts and people daily, monitoring and analyzing changes in buyer intent at a massive scale. 

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Connecting the Dots 

6sense Sales Intelligence (SI) drives sales and marketing alignment by giving sales reps access to all the account data and insights they need to engage the right buyers with the right message at the right time. 


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Identify Accounts In-Market. Open Opportunities. Close Deals. 

6sense is the ABM industry’s leading AI solution – turning massive volumes of intent signals into actionable insight that accelerates demand, so you confidently anticipate where any account is located in the buying journey. 

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ABM is just good marketing 

It isn’t a fad or something only elite marketing teams can pull off. It’s how every B2B company aspiring to achieve predictable revenue growth should go to market. 

AI recommendations take the guesswork out of account engagement. With the right insights and information, reps can prioritize actions, reduce manual effort, and engage the right contacts at the right time with relevant messaging. 

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