Harness the power of insights and data with 6sense – an advertising, marketing and analytical solution rolled into one platform that empowers your team with personalized marketing capabilities, at scale.


Devices. Channels. People.

Uncovering demand requires insights into what prospects are doing throughout the entire buying journey- from early-stage interest, all the way down to the sale. 

6sense is the only platform that captures intent signals from every source and connects them to identifiable accounts. With LeadFabric, you can orchestrate vast advertising campaigns based on buyer intent while empowering your approach with integrated CRM data and external tools. 

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Connecting the Dots 

LeadFabric is the first European partner of 6sense, bringing the power of Sales Intelligence to the EU market. 


Now, you can drive sales and marketing alignment by giving sales reps access to all the account data and insights they need. Find out how we do it, here.

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Identify: Accounts In-Market. Open Opportunities. Close Deals. 

6sense is the ABM industry’s leading solution for accelerating demand. AI recommendations take the guesswork out of account engagement, turning massive volumes of intent signals into actionable insights.  


As an official 6sense partner, LeadFabric helps you prioritize actions, reduce manual effort, and close the deal all within the 6sense framework. 

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Get value from your data – wherever it is. 

Now, you can finally achieve holistic engagement. Automatically feed data from your website, campaigns, email and engagement metrics to build customer segments via synced CRM reports.  


LeadFabric acts as your technical agent, enabling you to seamlessly integrate external solutions like Outreach, HubSpot, Drift and Marketo to give your customers a full, consistent experience across their journey. 

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AI-powered approach to Demand Gen

Campaign & Audience Research 

Fully understand your audience with detailed insights to maximize ROI on your campaigns, programs, and messaging and maintain a crucial rapport with your most promising accounts. 


Digital Advertising 

Use 6sense’s built-in ad network to reach in-market accounts across thousands of B2B websites and orchestrate multi-channel campaigns that make use of your full MarTech stack. 

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As an official 6sense partner, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes get the most out of their insights, reach the accounts that matter and seamlessly integrate their MarTech stacks. Contact with LeadFabric today and transform your marketing strategy with 6sense.