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Having tools and using them the right way is the fine line between success and failure. This understanding dictates who leads the market and who falls behind. Our ethos is based on the simple principle that technology, creativity and strategy don’t exist in a vacuum, but weave together to be successful.

We accomplish this because we live in the space where Business Consultancy, Systems Integration, and Creative Design meet, to digitally transform your business without isolating your departments at the expense of your team.

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Digital transformation and team alignment is only as good as its implementation. The wrong tools, processes and strategy hurts your customer experience, locking them into cycles and loops that they don’t necessarily need or want.

We give you the key to align your team to a single goal, and offer the right tools to support it, creating a frictionless experience for you and your customers. Flip through our Corporate Brochure to learn more about LeadFabric.


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three-tiered offering

LeadFabric is a hybrid organization that functions as three companies in one: As a Business Consultancy, we advise on B2B strategy and change management. As a Systems Integrator, we seamlessly integrate different platforms within any given tech stack. As a Creative Agency, we execute end-to-end B2B marketing and sales initiatives/campaigns.

What makes LeadFabric unique is that it’s a complete marketing solution, offering as much or as little as any client requires.

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Why LeadFabric?

Consumers don’t buy like they used to. B2B is no exception - but it is more complicated. Instead of dealing with the wants, needs and goals of one person, B2B demands you cater for entire buying teams, each with their own agendas.

LeadFabric is one of the few consultancies that gives you the strategy to understand your buyers, the content to engage them, and the tools to facilitate the complex B2B buying journey for every stakeholder.



Giving your sales and marketing teams the right tools for the job is critical to accelerating your revenue, but understanding where and how to use the tools is just as important. We help by providing the technology that will take your business to the next level without isolating your customers or misaligning your team.

We help you let automation do the heavy lifting and personalization work. We also optimize how your marketing and sales function and how they interoperate, enabling you to access the best of both disciplines.



Sales, marketing and product may be in the same company - but are they working towards the same goals? Organizational alignment is essential for a streamlined operation, but aligning towards the wrong goals or contrary purposes does more harm than good.

Our approach puts everyone on the same page - how to boost revenue. Every action a team member takes will push towards that goal, adding to the greater whole of the organization - creating functional alignment.

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Automation does not create value automatically. So many companies spend thousands of dollars on tools, processes and systems that further distance themselves from their customers. They automate customer deterrence by overengineering a problem.

We understand that internal alignment and automation is only useful when it results in a frictionless experience for accounts and buyers. In this way, we re-spec digital tools so that you’re engaging your market without isolating them.

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Your peers – Industries & Clients

LeadFabric works with companies from different industries, ranging from manufacturing and the financial sector to telecommunications and cyber security.


Our clients are ready to take a step towards bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales, and are willing to innovate and stay ahead of the market in the current digital world.

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Our long lasting business relationship with Trend Micro is a great example of how LeadFabric brings conversion to a whole new level.


By offering a tailored approach for their different business units, we've helped Trend Micro widen their reach across different audiences in different countries.


Read more about this success story in our eBook.