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Who we are and what we do.

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Business Consulting

Advice on B2B strategy and change management.

Cogs and database integration

Systems Integrator

Seamless integration of different platforms within any given tech stack.
Creative process

Creative Agency

Execution end-to-end B2B marketing and sales initiatives/campaigns.
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About us

Our mission is to help B2B companies innovate their sales & marketing in a digitally-enabled world by sharing visionary marketing trends and helping them adapt to constantly changing buyer behaviour and expectations.

We accomplish this because we live in the space where Business Consultancy, Systems Integration, and Creative Design meet. 

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As a result of this multifaceted offering, we’re the type of service provider that can be held accountable for generating bottomline and topline impact. Our people are result-oriented, diverse, and always learning.

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LeadFabric is a hybrid organization that functions as three companies in one: 

  • As a Business Consultancy, we advise on B2B strategy and change management.
  • As a Systems Integrator, we seamlessly integrate different platforms within any given tech stack.
  • As a Creative Agency, we execute end-to-end B2B marketing and sales initiatives/campaigns.

There is an abondance of providers in the current market place for each of these competencies.

What makes LeadFabric unique is the one stop shop which allows its clients to rely on a highly and durable accountable business partnership.

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Why LeadFabric?

Since the start of the millennium, consumer buying behaviour has been changing quite rapidly. At LeadFabric, we realized soon after how this was also going to impact the B2B marketing & sales workplace.

We, as consumers and professional buyers, go through phases whilst buying. We expect the right and relevant information at every stage along the way.

For B2B, however, this is harder to achieve as the information exchange is more complex and deals with more stakeholders.

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For organizations looking to deal with this change, digital engagement is part of the solutionHere, it is not only the digital delivery method that matters, but also the ability to automate the heavy lifting and personlisation efforts.

And, as a B2B buying process is more complex, there is even more to take care of. We also need to look at how both marketing and sales plan, execute and manage their activities and how they interoperate.



This is all about creating alignment and setting up new business processes managed through automation.

Yet, automation does not create value automatically. Internal alignment will only generate the desired economic value when it results into a frictionless buying experience for our target accounts and buyers.


Your peers – Industries & Clients

LeadFabric works with companies from different industries, ranging from manufacturing and the financial sector to telecommunications and cyber security.

We pride ourselves in collaborating with customers who are ready to take a step towards bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales.

Our clients are ready to innovate and are motivated to stay ahead of the market in the current digital world.


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Our long lasting business relationship with Trend Micro is a great example of how LeadFabric brings conversion to a whole new level.

By offering a tailored approach for their different business units, we've helped Trend Micro widen their reach across different audiences in different countries.

Read more about this success story in our eBook.