Maximizing Email Deliverability

Navigating deliverability requirements and ensuring database cleanliness for optimal outreach

Emails in the Modern B2B World

In today's world, we have many ways to communicate. Even though emails have been around for decades compared to newers methods of communication, their importance is undeniable. 


Whether they are used for lead nurturing, customer acquisition and retention, rekindling stale opportunities, cross- and upselling or event promotion and workflow automation. Emails are a crucial part of the day-to-day marketing and sales journey in the world of B2B.


Overall, emails play a crucial role in marketing operations by enabling personalized communication, optimizing customer experience, nurturing relationships, driving conversion, driving opportunities and closing them.

Boost Deliverability, Drive Business Results

Database quality and reliable email deliverability impacts the risk of losing out on crucial interactions with customers, leading to decreased engagement and potential revenue loss.


Dial up database quality

Expanding your database is crucial, but not at the expense of neglecting data hygiene and quality assurance. Large database are costly. Both in terms of licensing fees but also in terms of the issues posed by poor data quality.


Regularly updating and cleansing databases can help mitigate the impact of these issues and maintain a high quality email list, resolving the following issues:

  • Blacklisting: Emails may have been once valid, but can be turned into bots and spam traps to catch senders with poor database hygiene practices and put them on blacklists, heavily impacting your email sends. Once flagged, it is incredibly difficult to get off of a blacklist. Taking up to a year to fully recover.
  • Invalid emails & inactive accounts: Companies rebrand and change domains, people change jobs and leave companies, resulting in unused email addresses. With the correct tools and processes, these can be caught and even corrected.
  • Low interest of recipient: When recipients are uninterested or disengaged, they may ignore or delete emails or even mark them as spam. Decreasing deliverability and engagement rates. Essentially reducing your brand's reputation with email service providers. 
  • Typographical or syntax errors: Misspellings or types during entry happen quite often. A good normalization process can filter these misspellings or even correct them, recovering conversations that otherwise would be lost.

Email deliverability beyond data quality

Email deliverability is not only about database quality. While you need good email addresses to send to, it's not enough. There are many technical and content focussed aspects that may impact deliverability:

  • Technical setup: Terms like DNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC may be confusing, but without proper configuration of these records email service providers do not know you are who you say you are and may outright block your messages.
  • Reputation management: Good sender reputation is paramount. The better your reputation, the more likely your message is to reach its intended audience.
  • Content optimization & frequency: An optimized content strategy is paramount. Qualitative and well timed content ensures accuracy, engagement, and relevance to recipients, driving higher deliverability and engagement rates.
  • Fallback mechanisms: Sometimes emails just don't get delivered, in this case the best course of action to take would be to have a fallback mechanism that identifies the issue and takes appropriate action.


These are just a few categories that have the potential to impact delivery and result in the loss of valuable customer interactions. Luckily, with adequate understanding and guidance, they can be properly implemented to ensure none of these valuable interactions are lost.

The LeadFabric formula to optimal deliverability

Improving database quality and email deliverability can be daunting. That's precisely why we have crafted various services to identify pain points and guarantee top-notch quality and delivery.

Deliverability Audit
Deliverability issues are typically characterized by numerous unique error messages, several thousands even. Our audit organizes these messages into comprehensible categories, complete with actionable items and best practices. This ensures that the next steps to take in your optimization journey are clear.
Deliverability Consulting
Our consulting service offers expert guidance in optimizing email deliverability and providing technical setup guidance. From resolving issues to implementing best practices, we ensure your messages reach the right audience effectively, maximizing your campaign's impact and success.
Database Normalization
Ensuring email address validity and database hygiene is key. Leveraging cutting-edg and secure AI-powered normalizations and validations, our technical team guarantees that your database optimal data. Removing unnecessary hassles, frustrations and costs created by bad data.

Let us help you keep your communication channels effective

LeadFabric is experienced in implementing tailored processes and solutions to bolster your performance. From proactive database hygiene to optimizing sender reputation, we work diligently to ensure your emails reach their intended audience's inboxes. Trust us to navigate the complexities of email deliverability and database quality.