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LeadFabric becomes Certified Consulting Partner

LeadFabric becomes one of Drift’s first 10 global Certified Consulting partners

Our Journey with Drift started in 2018, 3 years of successfully delivering Conversational Marketing & Sales solutions in the EMEA market. It got us the Premier EMEA partnership status last year.

Today we can proudly announce that we are one of Drift's first 10 global Certified Consulting partners. This brand new partner accreditation along with over 60 individual consultant certifications makes us the goto partner for Drift in the EMEA region.

Thinking about how to improve your online customer experience and sales? Not yet have Drift? Stop thinking! Talk to us or Fabio our own Drift bot.

Lacking knowledge or experience?

LeadFabric is Drift's first Premium Partner in EMEA

You see the value of DRIFT but:

  • You don’t have the bandwidth to implement it yourself.
  • You are afraid that because of other competing projects and your DRIFT learning curve it will take too long before you can go-live.
  • You don’t want to make beginner mistakes.

As DRIFT's Premium Partner in EMEA, LeadFabric has all the experience and know-how to get you on the right track.

Marketing automation ≠ conversation


The world runs on conversations. So why doesn’t your marketing? Marketing Automation is really good at profiling your visitors and clients but what good does this information do if you only rely on one-way traffic channels like email to drip-feed these contacts? Yes, maybe your message is now personalized but your delivery method isn’t. It’s probably based on your internal lead management processes while your buyer is just waiting to have a human-like conversation.

Drift Assistant

ADD THE HUMAN element and stay focused

Generate more leads by using chatbots when humans are offline. Let your chatbot pick up the heavy-lifting and qualify leads for you so sales advisors don’t waste time. Leave no opportunity behind and let your chatbot book meetings in your absence.

Unlike many other chatbot solutions, DRIFT’s Conversational Marketing Platform is focused on one goal; starting conversations that lead to a sales outcomes. It’s a chatbot AND a live chat solution built with one purpose – to drive sales results.


With Drift on your website, you can easily turn any conversation into conversions, as opposed to traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms and follow ups.

Bots are what cutting-edge teams use to automate their marketing. Let your chatbot take the strain by qualifying site visitors and routing them to the right resources or directly to the appropriate sales advisors. Out of hours or no advisor available? Simple, your chatbot is your virtual assistance and will manage your calendar for you. The best part - No forms required.

drift email info

Drift email – A wealth of information at your fingertips

Bounced emails are like a hidden treasure trove for the B2B marketer. They contain a wealth of information and they’re right there at your fingertips.

  • I’m out of office this week, for urgent matters, you can contact my colleague X
  • I’ve changed jobs, but any enquiries around this topic, my colleague (john.doe@abc.de) will be happy to help you.

Drift Email enables you to automatically process the information in these bounced emails in different ways.

drift email info

Automated, fast and easy

What Drift Email does for you:

  • Automatically update your CRM/MAP database
  • Route emails to the right sales rep within your organisation
  • Reply to nurture campaigns
  • Lead scoring
  • Involve your sales people in marketing campaigns

Drift Email is fast and easy to install.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us for a demo.

Certified Agency

We have created several offerings for you:

  • FabStart for DRIFT. Fixed price, duration and scope to get you up and running in the fastest way possible.
  • Custom implementation. If you need more than a kick-start and require more strategic support we can help design and build your conversational marketing strategy.
  • Managed service (extra). Playbook creation from messaging to routing all the way to on-brand copy.
  • Outsourcing. Our consulting team can run your conversational marketing strategy for you optimising playbooks to improve performance, engagement and conversion.


Only one month after their go live, Kanthal was finally able to leverage their GLOBAL phenomenal brand equity in industrial heating solutions by converting the traffic their brand had been generating into known contacts.

And all this at a rate of 22%!



Belgium’s prime telecom provider is now capable of converting B2B buyers outside of regular office hours including weekends. Small business owners who don’t always have the time to buy during the day, can now engage via a chat solution and get recommendations on the most appropriate telecom bundle for their business completing the purchase there and then, or booking a time for a call-back with a sales advisor. One week after the bot was launched, Telenet experienced a 25% conversion from overnight and weekend enquiries into qualified opportunities which are experiencing a staggering 40% close-won rate. Read more.


Are your conversion tactics working? You probably spend a lot of time and money creating exceptional website experiences. Yet fewer people are completing your forms. Why?

There is no straightforward answer. But the way consumers interact with websites is definitely changing and we will show you how.

Watch our webinar on Conversational Marketing on this page or here (41 min).


David Cancel


Conversational Marketing is more than chat and chatbots. It's about meeting buyers where they are NOW, not simply where we want them to be. We're excited to partner with LeadFabric to bring Conversational Marketing to Europe and help enterprise companies adopt the new way businesses buy from businesses.


- David Cancel, CEO Drift


A chatbot is the best personal assistant you can wish for. Turning conversations into conversions.