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Founded in 2008, we were one of the very first to activate marketing automation driven b2b Innovators across continental Europe. Trust on our expertise. Meanwhile globally.


Do sales and marketing work as 'one' in your organization? If they still don't, then maybe check us out.


Inbound calls are now online searches and visits. Sales reps are losing sight of buyers. Marketing Automation to the rescue!


There are many, but none like us. We probably are one of the most versatile marketing automation and MarTech services providers in Europe.
MarTech Selection

MarTech Selection

  • Buyer Alignment Readiness Assessment
  • DemandGen Business Process Audits
  • Lead Management Audits
  • MA & Martech Business Case Design
  • Technology Selection Process (RFP)
  • MarTech Roadmap Design
Martech Deployment

Martech Deployment

  • Rapid Deployments (FabStart)
  • Custom Implementation
  • MarTech Integration
  • Custom App and API Work
  • User Training
Demand Generation Consulting

Demand Generation Consulting

  • Targeting Process
  • Journey - Personae Development
  • Data Strategy and Management
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Inboud, Outbound and Lead Management
  • Performance and Revenue Analytics


  • Demand Center Services
    • Email and Landing Page Assembly
    • Workflow Set Up
    • Localization
  • Campaign Design and Development
  • Lead Management


Our consultants are what makes us great, our partners are what makes us unique. We hold partner certifications from all five leading B2B marketing automation platforms and multiple MarTech solutions.
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Channel & Partner Marketing

Channel & Partner Marketing


Today when you hear the term Demand Generation most people think about direct marketing between vendor and buyers. But often B2B businesses do not sell all their products and services directly to their end-users. They work with “Channel” partners too. Their gotomarket is a mix of direct and channel led initiatives.


Especially in a European context, where international and local partners speaking the local language and understanding local needs, “through channel demand generation” is more the rule rather than exception. Consequence? Most of your current solutions were build to support only the direct Demand Gen challenge you face.. Solution? Through Channel Marketing Automation


Optimize your channel marketing to increase your market reach with TCMA technology. LeadFabric is the exclusive EMEA partner of ZIFT Solutions, the undisputed leader in the space.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

bombora cyance folloze uberflip account based marketing

Traditional Demand Generation and Marketing Automation are based on the concept of casting a wide net over your target market with messages that resonate to individuals. Persons that respond get qualified and handed over to a receiving function, usually sales. But in B2B and especially enterprise, usually that individual is part of a much larger buying committee.

Handing over one single individual without having any information about the readiness of the buying committee generates limited business impact. So what if marketing could establish and influence readiness of that very same committee? Welcome Account Based Marketing!

Be careful though, ABM is a term with many use cases and applications. It is profoundly different than person based Demand Generation as it is about business marketing strategy that concentrates resources on a set of target accounts within a market. No more casting of wide nets. Instead it monitors account behavior and uses personalized campaigns designed to engage each account, basing the marketing message on the specific attributes and needs of the account. In an ideal scenario sales and marketing work together from beginning to the end for your top accounts. But also the rest of your target audience can benefit from a Marketing to Accounts approach. LeadFabric has build an offering that allows you to run ABM and MtA programs using innovative technologies and (intent) data providers. We can also run your entire program including media orchestration and campaign design.

Content & Sales Enablement

Content & Sales Enablement

folloze uberflip modus twentythree content & sales enablement

As the saying goes, "Content is King" and is the fuel that powers all aspects of your marketing organization. Does your organization have all their content centralized in one central hub? Is your content tagged with appropriate labels so it is easy to find? Leadfabric works directly with some of the leading content tools, including Uberflip and Folloze, to help organize get a strong handle on aspects of their content engine.

It is a sad fact that over 60% of content created by B2B organizations is never used. These tools not only support content creation but will also help with marketing and sales alignment. Stop wasting limited budget on content that goes wasted and win over sales teams with improved personalization and sales enablement capabilities.

Data Solutions & Platforms

Data Solutions & Platforms

data aggregation

By aggregating all of your customer data into one place, a CDP allows you to fully understand customer behavior across all touchpoints. But the real difference between CDPs and other CRM or data management platforms is that CDPs are designed specifically for marketers.

Leadfabric has partnered with leading players in this new emerging martech category, and we think it has a lot of promise. We can provide clients with custom-made data solutions to address a one-time data health check to an enterprise-wide data management initiative.


Lost in automation? Scanning through all of our vendors’ and partners’ websites may be overwhelming. Our automation archive will show you the value amid the clutter.

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Wherever you are, we are there with you. Global marketing beyond borders, we are probably the most international MarTech agency.


There are many, but none like us.
We probably are the most versatile marketing automation provider in Europe