Marketo Revvie Awards Finalist

LeadFabric has been nominated to be one of the 3 finalists for the 2018 Marketo Revvie Awards,
within The International Partner of the Year category!


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Tom Goodwin - Ansell (EN)


Veerle de Ridder - OneSpan (NL)



Founded in 2008, we were one of the very first to activate marketing automation driven b2b Innovators across continental Europe.

Trust on our expertise. Meanwhile globally.


Do sales and marketing work as 'one'

in your organization?

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Inbound calls are now online searches and visits.

Sales reps are losing sight of buyers.

Marketing Automation to the rescue!

Considering or Using MarTech?

There are many, but none like us.
We probably are one of the most versatile marketing automation and MarTech services providers in Europe.

  • MarTech Selection
  • MarTech Deployment
  • Demand Generation Consulting
  • Outsourcing

MarTech Selection

MarTech Selection

  • Buyer Alignment Readiness Assessment
  • DemandGen Business Process Audits
  • Lead Management Audits 
  • MA & Martech Business Case Design
  • Technology Selection Process (RFP)
  • MarTech Roadmap Design

MarTech Deployment

MarTech Deployment

  • Rapid Deployments (FabStart)
  • Custom Implementation
  • MarTech Integration
  • Custom App and API Work
  • User Training

Demand Generation Consulting

Demand Generation Consulting

  • Targeting Process
    • Journey - Personae Development
  • Data Strategy and Management
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Inboud, Outbound and Lead Management
  • Performance and Revenue Analytics



  • Demand Center Services
    • Email and Landing Page Assembly 
    • Workflow Set Up
    • Localization
  • Campaign Design and Development
  • Lead Management

Our Martech alliances
and partnerships

Our consultants are what makes us great, our partners are what makes us unique.
We hold partner certifications from all five leading B2B marketing automation platforms and multiple MarTech solutions.

  • Marketing Engagement
  • Marketing Automation
  • Channel Marketing
  • Martech Applications
  • Content Marketing

Marketing Engagement

Marketing Engagement


Every company has the same mission: to maximize their value. In our view, your most valuable asset is not your product, neither your branding, not even your team – it is your customers. Don’t just acquire new buyers, but also grow their lifetime value and convert them into enthusiastic advocates through engagement and care.

Go beyond automation. Aim for engagement. Get Marketo to deliver authentic experiences to your customers, and rely on LeadFabric to accelerate your success story.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


Our partnership with Marketo goes back to 2010. Over the years, we have become one of the three Gold partners in Europe, rapidly on our way to becoming the only European Platinum partner. Marketo is the leading marketing automation platform built to create lasting relationships and orchestrate end-to-end engagement. Countless Marketo users trained by us can now listen to and authentically engage with their customers on a big scale. Rely on our Marketo Certified Experts and Solution Architects to shoot your marketing automation to the next level.

Why buy from us?
Usually SaaS subscriptions are sold directly, which implies signing US paperwork. As one of the few authorized Marketo reselling partners, we offer the unique ability to buy on European compliant paper.

Oracle Logo

Eloqua singlehandedly kick-started the Marketing Automation industry. We were there with them from the very beginning. Long before Eloqua had its own sales offices, LeadFabric was already reselling and successfully implementing the platform across Europe. We on-boarded dozens of companies and thousands of users. In need of our experience and best practices knowledge? Here we are, one of the longest standing Eloqua - Oracle Gold Specialized/Certified partners in Europe.

Why buy from us?
Usually SaaS subscriptions are sold directly, which implies signing US paperwork.

Oracle Logo

LeadFabric has been a Pardot implementation and managed services partner for 6 years. Long before Pardot was rolled up in the Salesforce Sales Cloud and became a viable choice for SMBs looking to upgrade their demand marketing execution. Today, we still proudly service many Pardot accounts across Europe. Curious to see how it works? Check in with us!

Hubspot logo

Are you a smaller business or a department of a midsized enterprise? Then probably a robust engagement platform is not yet something your board wants to invest in? No stress, we are your advisors, and Hubspot could be the perfect platform for you. If looking for inbound marketing at scale, we can certainly help as a certified Hubspot partner.

Big Logo

Silverpop Engage was one of the first Marketing Automation platforms. As a pioneer on the European MA Market, LeadFabric was the first Silverpop partner in the Benelux. As part of the IBM family today, Silverpop has been rebranded into IBM Watson Campaign Automation. Watson Marketing combines business and marketing expertise with industry leading solutions that are embedded with cognitive capabilities.Our expertise can help you gain time to ROI and increase agility through easy integrations with other data sources and applications.

Channel Marketing

Channel Marketing


Demand generation is mostly direct marketing. Yet, B2B sales and marketing is a process of channels. Seldom do B2B businesses sell directly to their end-user. Especially in a European context, where international and local partners dominate the sales network, indirect marketing is rule rather than exception. Consequence? Most of the demand generation benefits get diluted. Solution? Let your demand generation strategy depend on your partner management, and vice versa.

Optimize your channel marketing to increase your market reach with Channel Management and Marketing (CMM) technology. LeadFabric is the exclusive EMEA partner of ZIFT Solutions, the leader in CMM.

Martech Applications

Martech Applications


We agree, YouTube is fun, but Vidyard is intelligent. Modern video marketing requires an online video platform that goes beyond just hosting and management. You want your videos to generate better business results through exceptional experiences for your viewers as well as insightful engagement reports for the users.

Unleash the value of video. LeadFabric is Vidyard’s Continental European reselling partner. So, what’s the benefit for you? We offer you the contract on our Europe-law based contractual paperwork.


You are a proud user of your marketing automation platform. You are a wizard building segments, emails and landing pages. You know how to nurture. But are you dealing with the limitation that most of your content is static? Whitepapers? Links to webpages? We found that, especially when trying to reach buyers that are in the middle of their buying journey, your nurturing content needs to be dynamic and interactive. But building interactive compelling content requires specific skills. Your web development team surely can help. But when? They have their own priorities. Snappapp to the rescue. We partner with Snapapp an interactive content marketing platform that gives you everything you need to create, publish, manage, and measure compelling audience experiences without bothering others. Let us show you.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Automation is great, yet worthless without the fuel of all your marketing operations: content. Engagement can only work if you have something relevant to say to your customers. Every business has something to say, you just need to get it out on paper. LeadFabric proudly partners with content4demand, a US based content agency to ensure global coverage. Your business already knows what it sells, now let us help you in turning your offering into a relevant story to tell.

Resources &
Thought Leadership

Lost in automation? Scanning through all of our vendors’ and partners’ websites may be overwhelming. Our automation archive will show you the value amid the clutter.

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Wherever you are, we are there with you.
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There are many, but none like us.
We probably are the most versatile marketing automation service provider in Europe.