MOPS as a Service

Combine marketing and insight with our complete marketing operations service designed to close knowledge and capacity gaps within your organization.


marketing ops

Marketing operations (MOPs) is a broad term that encompasses the end-to-end management and optimization of business’ marketing processes.

It involves the intelligent use of data, analytics, infrastructure, and best practices to support and execute an organization’s marketing strategy.

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executing effective MOPs

Essential actions and considerations when executing effective MOPs include:

  • Establishing the critical needs of a business.

  • Specifying necessary MOPs functions.

  • Building an optimized MOPs team of various professionals.

  • Freeing up team capacity to perform MOPs

  • Building a potential roadmap for success.

  • Identifying scaling and improvement opportunities.

  • Exploring any further supporting processes and requirements.


As a global marketing and operations provider, LeadFabric can enable efficient and effective MOPs that address the above considerations for organizations of any size.

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Key outcomes:

  • 93% of B2B Companies agree that formal Marketing Operations are essential (B2B Marketing,net, 2020)

  • Marketing inefficiency costs companies $958 million a year (Gleanster research, 2020).

  • Good MOPs can result in a 15%-25% boost in ROI and customer engagement (Mckinsey, 2015)

  •  97% of companies with a named MOPs function say their marketing is better aligned to key business outcomes (Sojourn, 2020)

Capacity illustration

Capacity constraints

Organizations that begin executing MOPs usually encounter two primary constraints that limit their growth and customer engagement potential.

Marketing campaigns take a considerable amount of time and resources. This is only compounded by the attributes of a varied customer audience. In order to scale, these campaigns increase in complexity and volume, demanding more from MOPs team members than many companies can provide for.

This has a detrimental effect on service levels, engagement penetration and overall marketing efficiency.

Circle chart

Knowledge constraints

While conducting demanding marketing activities, MOPs teams are expected to keep abreast of the latest developments in their existing technology and the advances of industry best practice. This is especially relevant for SaaS businesses, as tools within this sector continuously evolve and improve.


Due to this, MOPs teams have to cope with additional pressure in an endless cycle of discovery, training, integration and adaptation.

Constraints illustration

External constraints

Many organizations do not have the time or resources to execute an effective and efficient MOPs process in the midst of these challenges.

An effective solution is to outsource the function to a professional organization that specializes in MOPs, such as LeadFabric’s MOPs as Service.

Pieces of a puzzle

mops as a service: Full Outsource

LeadFabric offers a full MOPs implementation and execution service for your organization. It includes a complete consultation, evaluation, design, integration and orchestration based on your specific business objectives.


The Full Outsource option is ideal for:

  • Businesses adapting to new marketing technology.

  • Ambitious start-ups who want to be competitive, early.

  • Organizations seeking to scale efficiently.

  • Regional departments of larger enterprises.

One piece of a puzzle

mops as a service: PARTIAL OUTSOURCE

LeadFabric can accelerate the growth and level of expertise for your current MOPs team. By bringing in seasoned marketing experts, LeadFabric helps fill in the missing functions of your marketing empowering your engagement and getting your team up to speed.


The Partial Outsource option is ideal for:

  • Businesses looking for fast marketing asset and content production.

  • Organizations who want to expand their marketing knowledge and experience.

  • Companies who need to accelerate their MOPs team maturity and capabilities.

  • Enterprises who seek to penetrate a new market or create content in new languages.

  • Businesses that want to adapt to new marketing technology.

Extra puzzle pieces


LeadFabric provides dedicated support and additional marketing resources should you require an extra boost. Instantly gain a team of digital marketing specialists to cater for specific projects or fill in while you build or train your team.


The Extra Capacity option is ideal for:

  • Businesses rapidly expanding to new regions.

  • Understaffed marketing teams with ambitious objectives.

  • Companies facing hiring and recruiting constraints and challenges.

  • Enterprises who need to fill specialized marketing functions.

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