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Trust a decade of expertise. We pioneered as Western Europe's first official Adobe Marketo Partner. And when Adobe acquired this leading Marketing Automation Platform, we also were the first to meet the criteria to earn Adobe's prestigious Specialization.

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The 1st Specialized Marketo Partner!

We lead the way as the first to achieve Adobe partner specialization status for Marketo. Our team includes 5 top-tier architects and over 22 Marketo Business Partitioner expert certifications alongside more than 200 Adobe credentials —making us one of the world's most experienced and certified Marketo Adobe partners.


Partner with us for unrivalled proficiency and guaranteed success!


Why Specialization Matters

TOP 10 partner according to Adobe SPP


An Adobe Specialized partner is your key to exceptional Marketo support, backed by Adobe's official endorsement. While many standard marketing agencies claim to have Marketo knowledge, only Specialized partners can truly deliver it with the seal of approval from Adobe. Trust in their expertise and ensure your marketing success. Why don't you contact us?



Ever felt like you've found the right fit, only to be disappointed by a lack of resources and unmet expectations? We understand that frustration all too well. B2B Marketing Automation requires more than agency support.


Find your perfect match with us! Say goodbye to disappointments and lackluster results. We ensure a genuine partnership, via our exhaustive array of consultancy, implementation and campaign services. Get in touch now!

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Unforeseen departures of skilled team members and the resulting loss of invaluable knowledge can be detrimental to your Marketing Automation success. But fear not, as we have the solution to bridge this critical gap.


Our team of Marketo Engage experts and architects not only provide expert guidance and consultancy but also document processes and offer additional capacity whenever required. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to seamless continuity with our dedicated support! Want to learn more about our range of support services?



Implementation and Integration Services

The success of Marketing Automation, and also that of Adobe Marketo, hinges on having the right business process expertise at your side. An incomplete or faulty implementation, along with inadequate data integrations, can severely hinder your platform's ability to create future value.


Don't let your potential go untapped – trust our seasoned consultants to ensure a seamless and powerful implementation. We offer everything in between Rapid Deployment at fixed prices and highly customized implementations. Partner with us and experience the true potential of Marketing Automation!

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Tech Support & Industry leading SLA’s

We take pride in not only providing top-notch implementation services but also going the extra mile to support our customers comprehensively. Our team of experts is readily available to offer ad hoc support to both business users and IT teams, ensuring that your marketing operations run smoothly.


With our range of contractual models, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, all backed by our commitment to exceptional service and very high SLA's (Service Level Agreements). Let's get in touch!


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Automation does not happen automatically. Nor can it ever be a standalone goal; Our focus goes beyond automating processes; it's about delivering an unparalleled customer experience and boosting the conversion to revenue for your own internal marketing and sales efforts.


In the B2B world, where buying journeys are complex and becoming digital, we understand the challenges you face. We have developed many business process models and frameworks to help unleash the potential of automation and revolutionize your business!

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You’re not sure how to get your team onboarded, or where to start. Do all members need the same level of training? What’s the best way to deliver it? How extensive should the material be.


We've developed a comprehensive training curriculum that allows the everyday field marketer to blossom into a Marketo Engage Power User, Super User, or Certified Expert who can own your system & support your vision. From Starter all they way to Architect level, we have offer the training opportunity.


Don't hesitate to contact us!


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LeadFabric is one of Europe’s first consultancies to specialize in Marketing and Sales technology. We offer over 15 years of Marketing Automation, MarTech and SalesTech implementation expertise.

We help B2B companies innovate their sales & marketing in a digitally-enabled world by sharing visionary marketing trends and helping them adapt to constantly changing buyer behaviour and expectations. Learn more about us here.

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