Buyer Insights Consulting

We provide everything you need to not only understand your customers, but sell to them. Equip your marketing team with the insights on what buyers want and what helps you sell.

ICP - Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile

If you still think any prospect is a good prospect, think again!


To be successful, you don’t need hundreds of clients, you just need valuable ones. Focus on the wins that matter with ICPs and drastically improve your ROI with every engagement.

Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

It’s so much more than demographics. If you want to develop buyer-centric strategies, you need a buyer-centric mindset.


Attract and retain the most valuable accounts for your business with our proven methodology. Know your ideal customers, where to find them, and how to attract and engage with them.

Buyer Joruney

Buyer Journey

Nobody likes feeling misunderstood, and buyers are no exception. Time to get better at satisfying your buyers and meeting their needs by understanding their experiences.


Discover what influences your buyers decision-making journey through actors such as human and digital touchpoints, barriers, triggers, and watering holes.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Your work isn’t done once you land the sale.


We make sure you retain your hard earned customers long long after their initial purchase with detailed customer journey insights and support.

Content Mapping Scheme

Content Mapping

Buyer Persona and Journey documentation is great, but what’s the point if it stays locked away in a drawer?

Use the right content based on buyer actions, questions, thoughts and emotions. Create and position engaging content that provokes customers into understanding and buying your solution.

Client Testimonials


We are proud to accompany our clients on their journey towards a more efficient and impactful marketing and sales strategy.
Our vision relies on buyer insights research to support the next actionable steps towards a future-proof business.


Irdeto found out that buying insights are the key to staying relevant in the marketplace while outpacing the competition. Find out their story in our client testimonial.


“LeadFabric helped us build robust profiles of our buyers, including their psychological and motivational influences. Our marketing efforts now have a clear direction and are supported by documented evidence.”
– Nick Masius, Digital Marketing Manager


We teamed up with Allianz Trade North America to conduct buyer insights research. The actionable insights coming out of the project now serve as a robust basis for any further strategic marketing and sales plans. Read more about it in our client testimonial.


"We have now laid the groundwork to build a robust strategic plan in line with our prospects and customers' needs. As a result, we now have a strong basis for a redefined and updated campaign strategy across regions, backed up by insights and data."

– Jessica Stutzer, Head of Marketing

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