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Let's be honest: we're quite comfortable boasting when it comes to marketing automation, and Pardot (or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as it's now called), is no exception to this.


LeadFabric was at the forefront of building Pardot expertise before it even had a presence within the EMEA region.



First and foremost, we excel in Account Engagement implementation. Our Salesforce team has a deep understanding of the processes involved in configuring Account Engagement, managing users, assigning and mapping the correct roles and permission sets, synchronising prospect data with your CRM and mapping custom fields. From setting up your email tracking domains and managing your DNS entrees to the integration of all your third party software applications.


Our team still comes across organisations who haven't installed the AE Lightning app yet. This small installation can make an enormous impact aligning your sales and marketing teams. Simultaneously, setting up connected campaigns will leverage your campaign management allowing you to apply custom influence models for your marketing attribution management. Our implementation best practice will bring your marketing automation platform to new heights ready for true personalised and targeted campaigns. Contact us!



Campaign Management and Personalized Content

Our creative team is adept at setting up and optimising personalised content and can help you accelerate your campaign management goals. We can create and stage all your marketing assets including modular newsletter templates, default email templates, forms & form handlers, landing pages, social media posts, blogs or video content we have you covered. Our team is well-versed in leveraging social media platforms such as Linkedin and Instagram to enhance all of your marketing efforts. Get in touch!


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Automation plays a crucial role in successful lead generation and nurturing campaigns, Our Salesforce consultants have an excellent grasp of all its automation components. We can help you create dynamic lists, develop automation and segmentation rules, or help you define the most effective completion actions. Our expertise also extends to setting up engagement programs in Engagement Studio - empowering you to create and clone well timed, localised customer journeys in minutes resulting in meaningful connections with your leads. Want to learn more about our range of support services?



Marketing and Sales alignment

Furthermore, we specialise in aligning your sales and marketing teams to maximise impact. Through our interactive alignment workshops, we facilitate consensus building on business objectives, segmentation strategies, Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), and buyer personas for each business cluster. We ensure seamless integration of these insights into lead scoring and grading setups, enhancing lead assignment processes. Our workshops also cover content needs and provide a holistic understanding of the entire Lead Life Cycle. Contact us to learn more.


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Data analytics and reporting

We understand the importance of data-driven decision making, and our services are geared towards helping your organisation become truly data-driven. Our expertise in grading and scoring enables us to gain insights into prospects' demographic, transactional and site visit behaviour. Moreover, we assist in setting up proper third-party tool integrations, ensuring accessible and analysable datasets. Leveraging tools such as B2B Analytics, Tableau, Marketing Cloud Intelligence, advanced analytics in Salesforce CRM and Intent data from 6Sense. We support you in building robust B2B analytics overviews and creating insightful dashboards for your lead life cycles, email campaigns, asset performance, campaign attribution, and more.

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Marketing Automation Strategy

We help our clients drive transformational change in B2B marketing and sales directed by visionary insights, powered by technology, and sustained through effective processes that scale.


Share your vision, and we’ll help you transform it into a reality. Learn how we can help!

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One thing’s for sure: when it comes to marketing automation, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and explore unfamiliar territory so that our clients don’t have to. PardotSalesforce is no exception to this.


Over the years, we have built a solid team of certified marketing automation specialists. Our team of Pardot consultants is equipped to help organizations take the plunge to make the most out of their marketing investments.

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LeadFabric is one of Europe’s first consultancies to specialize in Marketing and Sales technology. We offer over 15 years of Marketing Automation, MarTech and SalesTech implementation expertise.


We help B2B companies innovate their sales & marketing in a digitally-enabled world by sharing visionary marketing trends and helping them adapt to constantly changing buyer behaviour and expectations. Learn more about us here.

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