LeadFabric Consulting can help you develop an effective ABM program with a step-by-step plan.

Our ABM Formula

Our ABM Formula

A successful ABM program requires a clearly defined and focused strategy. This can be overwhelming– should you target known accounts or new ones? Should you try to generate new opportunities or support existing ones in early stages? Which product should your campaigns promote? How should you build segments?

LeadFabric consultants will find data-driven answers to these questions and help you develop a precise ABM strategy that will make an impact.

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Technology selection

A wide variety of software and integrations designed to support ABM initiatives have come to market recently, covering areas like intent data collection, account selection, campaign orchestration, sales intelligence, content and email marketing, CRM data management, predictive analytics, and more.

We can support you in evaluating your existing tech stack, identifying gaps, and determining which ABM technology investments will provide the best returns.

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Account Identification and selection

The key to determining the most impactful ABM plays lies in your organization’s historical data. We can work with you to deep-dive into this data and thoroughly analyze factors like average deal size and velocity, cross-sell potential, and more.

We cross-check this information against intent data to create best-fit segments. We then estimate pipeline influence per segment, so you can be sure you’re selecting plays that will bring the best results.

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Campaign development

LeadFabric can support ABM efforts with creative and content development. Our approach begins with in-depth research on your product or service, your buyers’ personas and their journeys.

We then craft key messaging and design concepts in accordance with brand guidelines, technical requirements, and the client’s exact needs. We can offer advice on best practices, but deliverables are finalized with the client in an open, two-way review process.

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Execute campaigns

LeadFabric can help execute your ABM campaigns, starting with channel selection. In parallel, we map content to the buyer journey and audit whether pieces are missing at any stage.

When all assets are in place, we bring everything together, orchestrating campaigns in each chosen platform and aligning with Sales to follow up on engagement. While campaigns run, we monitor performance and optimize as needed, comparing results against pre-defined KPIs.

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Analyze and report on results

ABM campaigns require continuous monitoring to measure their effectiveness, and the success of an ABM program is determined by its demonstrable impact on your main performance indicators.

LeadFabric can support you in setting up your reporting at every stage, from early indicators of success to metrics directly related to revenue, so that you and your entire organization can be sure your program is adding value.

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ABM ebook

Need more information about ABM and LeadFabric's approach to it? Check out our free e-book, "The Fundamentals of Account-Based Marketing".