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Let LeadFabric Consulting help you achieve the maximum ROI on your Martech investment.



Leadfabric helps B2B companies worldwide improve sales and marketing effectiveness. We enable our clients to leap forward in their implementation and adoption of their marketing technology investment.


Bringing new tools into your marketing stack impacts not only your marketing and IT teams, but your sales and customer success teams as well.


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100+ martech projects

Oftentimes, new capabilities highlight the need to make changes in other areas of the business, whether it's a business process change, or skills training change.


The consulting team at LeadFabric has gained invaluable insights from the over 100+ MarTech projects and has devised a bespoke consulting offer to support any size business.

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Custom consulting services

The pace of change of technology can be viewed in a similar way, which is increasing at alarming rates. However, compared to the way organizations change, we see a different sort of curve – one that is logarithmic.


As shown in the chart, as time elapses, the gap between the two curves increases. This is what we call the 'Technology Gap' and without a proper change approach most transformation programs will fail.

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Your B2B Marketing Maturity

Transforming your B2B marketing function is easy with LeadFabric's consulting and training services. With our decades of experience supporting client organizations digital maturity, we have developed a marketing maturity framework for clients who want to advance. Most B2B clients exist in Stage 1 (Nascent) or Stage 2 (Experimenter) where they are likely just beginning their marketing automation journey.


Download our blueprint here.

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Vision for change

At Leadfabric, we have defined a B2B Transformation Framework to help our clients manage this gap. As companies progress from Stage 1 to Stage 4, they often realize that their biggest barrier to success is themselves.


LeadFabric consultants work with marketing and sales teams to create a vision for change and then support that change process in a systematic and scalable way. 

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How we work

Each client engagement is unique. The first step is to collect business and marketing challenges to determine where you are in your own transformation journey.


Based on this input, we craft a custom Change Program that takes into account all people, process and tool requirements to achieve the client's objective.

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We help with your business objective

From our experience, we have developed tools and approaches that can be deployed rapidly in any client situation. These transformation journeys can support any one of the following business objectives:

1. Martech Change
2. Sales and Marketing Alignment
3. Product to Demand Marketing Alignment
4. Channel Partner Enablement
5. Account Based Marketing Transformation
6. Marketing Skills Development
7. Digital Marketing Maturity Audit