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Why we weave?

Creative power & best practices

Our modus operandi is based on the conviction that every buyer is unique and so is his buying journey. Attracting customers and keeping them, therefore is becoming an entirely new discipline.

Technology, process, and skills are all playing a vital role in the transformation process companies are going through. Companies that are in need of onboarding these new solutions and capacities are in need of specialists that can span the entire spectrum.

Bringing in technology alone won’t work. Neither will relying on an agency to cobble up flashy but hollow attention grabbers. In today’s interconnected world marketing requires expertise and automation technology to efficiently convert inquiries into buying engagements that run all the way to the close. This requires knowledge and new skills that help design new processes. Technology can act as a powerful engine and campaigns as its fuel. But none of them can be developed and managed in a vacuum.

It’s this holistic approach that sets LeadFabric apart from the conventional agencies or system integrators. We combine creative power, best practice driven expertise and technology that automates the heavy lifting and facilitates the change.

Marketing. Done differently.

A random blast of unsolicited messages, however stylish and creative, no longer makes the grade in today's buyer-empowered world. Targeting and customising messages to each buyer is the new game in town. If you can understand what information your buyer needs and when, better than your competitors, then revenue will be your reward. 


What about sales?

Not surprisingly, sales has changed too. According to research by Sirius Decisions, sales people in this new world of buying journeys, only get in contact after a buyer already has completed 70% of his buying journey. So how do you make the first 70% more informative and valuable to the sales team?


Do you recognize this?

It's clear that sales and marketing have fundamentally changed in recent years. So how do you tell if you're still stuck in the past? See how many of these you recognize:

  • Your senior management, including the CFO, questions your activities and performance because they see little evidence showing that you're having an impact on revenue
  • Your sales teams are unhappy with the leads they receive
  • You are unhappy with sales performance, and more specifically, their lack of discipline

Welcome to your new "Fabric!"

What you need is a new "fabric" that weaves together sales, marketing and innovative, targeted campaigns. Campaigns and execution that:

  • Elevate your  marketing processes to a higher level, away from traditional product management. 
  • Let’s marketing become accountable for a large part of the “buying facilitation” process.
  • Use technology that allows marketing to engage 1:1 with buyers, and support sales reps even after a lead is handed over.
  • Allow you to understand how your marketing tactics and strategy impact revenue: So you can focus on iterative improvement.


LeadFabric helps you do the weaving

Weaving this unique fabric, with you, is what we do, by:

  • Knowledge transfer and consultancy
  • Technology
  • Marketing (as a) service

It's this holistic approach that sets LeadFabric apart from your conventional agency or system integrator. We combine creative power with best practices and technology that automates the heavy lifting.

LeadFabric maintains a multilingual and international workforce of experts who create, deploy and train a growing client base of global and local brands. We look forward to working with you too.



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