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A video tool made for marketers

For years, thought-leaders have emphasized the importance of Video in B2B marketing. However, what has always been lacking is the ability for marketers to evaluate the real-life impact of their video content.

Sure, you know how many people viewed your video. But in B2B, an anonymous view count is not enough. What we need is individual data points. We want to know:

  • Who viewed it (their identity!), from where, on what device, for how long?
  • Which of those viewers turned into actual leads? Which of them ended up buying?
  • How can I leverage this information and integrate it with my Sales and Marketing processes?

Well, look no further. New technology can now help you access this information and use it to turn individual viewers into real business opportunities. The name is Vidyard.

This innovative platform, built specifically for Marketers, will without a doubt change the way we evaluate the ROI of Video Marketing. And LeadFabric is teaming up with these pioneers to serve our customers even better.

Have a look at the video below and find out what Vidyard is all about:


Next steps ?

Want a deeper look at this game-changing technology? Sign up for a free live demo of Vidyard today and see how it can help you generate more leads and improve your Video Marketing strategy.

We also offer an exclusive 14-day trial to a fully functional Vidyard account, so you can test it for yourself and find out how it applies to your processes. 

And if you have any specific inquiry about this product, we're here too! Give us a call (+32 2 880 66 00) or email us directly, we will be happy to answer your questions.  


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