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Pragmatic, tailor-made and local

The best software and implementations are useless unless your team has the knowledge to operate it. Since this type of technology often comes with the introduction of new marketing and sales business processes, the challenge is not only to understand how the software works. It’s equally important to learn new habits.

LeadFabric understands that companies and marketing organizations face unique challenges with assessing, developing, and maintaining the skill level of their teams.

If you need a customized marketing automation online training program, LeadFabric has the expertise and even adequate e-learning management systems to offer a solution. Our training capabilities provide a flexible, scalable, and convenient way for your employees to learn new skills and concepts at their own pace.

  • Post rapid deployment training to help your team further rightsize the implementation
  • Bespoke single topic on-premise training
  • Online single topic training
  • Curriculum based training
  • Geo-specific onboarding: training local staff to use the marketing software that your overseas HQ is already using.

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