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LeadFabric helps its enterprise customers with every part of the journey. Check out what ADP staff had to say after they participated in some refresher trainings. Check back in soon to see the revenue results that their upgraded Eloqua campaigns will generate.

"...I am confident to use Eloqua..."

"LeadFabric delivered a customized Eloqua training at our offices. It was professionally presented, relevant, informative and enjoyable. Our consultant was very experienced. She was able to answer all our questions and provide us with an in-depth knowledge of Eloqua in the areas of our interest. What I liked the most was that the training was flexible, practical and interactive.  After following this training I am confident to use Eloqua whenever my help is needed."

Concetta Velardo
Marketing Communications Manager

"...well-organized and the trainers very counseling." 


"Globally, -the training- was very very interesting! This tool is really comprehensive and useful to manage our campaigns.
The training content was well organized and the trainers very counseling.
We made sure first that we are using the best practices to manage the sending of our emails (including distribution list import)
We learned how to build forms, landing pages, how to track the webusers and how to undersand the statistics.
We are now autonomous in the construction of a campaign."

ADP France

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