Deploying SlideShark

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Deploying SlideShark

As easy as it gets

A SlideShark license allows you to create users and have them access and use (=present) your or their content in a controlled (and trackable way). That said you need to make sure that everyone of your presenters and users have the app installed on their iPad.

When you only need a handful of presenters you can easily manage the process via instructing them to go to the itunes store where they can download the (free) presenter app that connects to your licensed slideshark back end. But what if you have lots of users and want to make sure they all have the app installed?

Installing on all iPads at once

Since the SlideShark app is freely available for iDevices through Apple's iTunes App Store, it can easily be installed to devices using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Your MDM administrator will need to configure your MDM solution to install SlideShark as a managed app from the app store (App Name: SlideShark; Apple ID: 471369684), or allow apps to be downloaded on individual devices.

In addition, in order to take advantage of SlideShark's Broadcasting feature you will need to ensure that your MDM solution is configured to allow 3rd party apps to access email settings. Obviously we at LeadFabric also offer the necessary support, should you wish to outsource the deployment from a to z.

We can work with an MDM but we can also manually manage the user creation process via our service center and as a full service, ensuring all of your users have their iPad equipped with the app.

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