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What is SlideShark?

SlideShark is the award-winning, free mobile app that enables businesses and individuals to show PowerPoint® presentations from the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch the way they were meant to be seen—accurately and professionally every time—with animations, fonts, graphics, hyperlinks and videos intact.

SlideShark: a presenter's best friend

With over 1 million downloads and counting, SlideShark is the leading app for viewing and sharing PowerPoint content on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With SlideShark, mobile users can easily view and present PowerPoint slides the way they were meant to be seen—with animations, fonts, colors, graphics, hyperlinks and videos intact.

Why carry around your laptop for your next presentation? SlideShark arms you with the solution you need to become a presentation rock star! Simply download your slides to the app and then tap to play your presentation from your iOS mobile device. It's that easy!

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Show your slides from the device or connect to a projector to present to large audiences. You can even broadcast your slides in real time to remote or in-person meeting attendees.

Share and track

After the meeting you can share an online version of your slides and track your audience's viewing behavior. With SlideShark, you have the power to present and share your messages anytime, anywhere – no matter what the situation might be!

Other key features:

  • 100 MB of online storage free (with option to buy more or refer friends to earn more)
  •  File management with your own secure, cloud-based account, plus option to import from leading cloud storage providers
  •  Offline access to presentations – no internet connection required when presenting
  •  iPhone remote control capabilities when projecting from your iPad
  •  “Presenter Mode” – see your slide notes, timers, animation counter and next/previous slides when presenting from your iPad

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