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It's marketing's job to drive forward the customer's buying journey in its earliest stages. To do that, it uses processes and technologies to deliver leads efficiently to sales. Excellent! But are your sales teams actually ready for buyer engagement when marketing presents them?!

Here's the challenge: It's not because marketing has passed the baton to sales that buyers become sitting ducks. It's because buyers keep searching for information that eventually leads them to the solution to their problem. So how do you support the buyer in doing this?

And how do you do it by providing them tangible value? If your sales reps aren't able to outpace the speed at which your buyers can educate themselves, then they become worthless to the buyer. They become disintermediated.

As with everything we do, the answer is a combination of process, technology and skills. LeadFabric has created a complete solution for those who want to systematically upgrade their sales operations.  We don't just provide a piece of the puzzle, we have the entire puzzle.

We don't just understand the technology behind marketing automation platforms, we weave together deep skills, best practices and seasoned resources to deliver great automated campaigns.


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