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Sales and Marketing Alignment  Workshops

Our expert consultants work with you to review all your marketing and sales processes and strategies. They will also investigate how technologies can facilitate execution to make your operational approaches simply work.

Participants will take part in discussions and presentations that will enable improvement of your sales and marketing process. Each workshop is unique.

The Process

  1. Analyze historical performance with a subset of the workgroup
  2. Define workshop structure and objectives
  3. Workshop
  4. Defining a single currency between marketing and sales by establishing clear and uniform definitions regarding lead qualification criteria, sales cycle stages, service levels
  5. Review marketing and sales organizational set-up
  6. Assess skills of the marketing knowledge workers
  7. Define dashboards, KPI's and metrics to keep execution and alignment on track 
  8. Post mortem: Delivery of a document that outlines action items, risks, assumptions and recommendations. 

Service Level Agreement Definition

Process definitions in themselves are pure theory. Making them work is what makes the difference. If everyone knows what to expect, and even better...if everyone signs an agreement...then alignment between sales and marketing is far more likely to happen.

We will work with you to define a Service Level Agreement that makes digital demand generation campaigns a tightly woven experience.

Sales and Marketing SLA's help ensure:

  • You create a common language around leads
  • You have a mutual understanding about where marketing recruits leads
  • Marketing will deliver, and what will be the minimum dataset
  • Consistent response times from Sales
  • Sales accepts or rejects the right leads
  • Marketing learns from rejected leads to improve its targeting strategy


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