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SaaS Automation

Face-to-face interactions have been slowly replaced by online engagement. Making sense of a buyer's behavior online and capturing the opportunity long before sales sees it requires something special: Technology.

Taking those individual fly-bys and converting them in to buying conversations, ones that eventually lead to matching your buyers need with a successful solution sell, is now also a responsibility of your marketing team. And they need automation support to manage those uncountable top-of-the-sales-funnel conversations.

But marketing automation solutions provided by LeadFabric  go much further than just filling the funnel. They bridge the gap between online visitors and converted real prospects who become long-term, paying customers. 

There are lots of tools and platforms out there. It can get complicated. We hand pick the best SaaS tools for the entire span of the funnel, so you don't have to fight through the jungle of suppliers out there:


Using the best tools available, we capture data throughout the sales cycle and use it to:

  1. Score each prospect's propensity to buy
  2. Analyse online behaviours
  3. Decide when and how to bring prospects into the sales team
  4. Continue to provide CRM data to sales reps even after they're talking 1:1 (your prospects don't stop using the web once they're talking to you).

LeadFabric is a one stop shop, providing its customers with the leading automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. We have selected the best of the best and have developed cutting edge skills that allow us to deploy these cloud based platforms in no time. Oh, and we also make sure your teams get trained by our certified training instructors.



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