Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

We believe in the process of assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through the diligent and systematic analysis of campaign success metrics.

Marketing has evolved over the past several years from a primarily creative discipline seen as a cost center, to a highly analytical, measurable area that can be seen as a significant revenue generator. Today’s marketer does not have the luxury of deploying marketing campaigns without a thought about results or an attitude that marketing activities cannot be measured. Pressure from executive management and boards, as well as the advent of new tools and systems that make campaign analytics more accessible, have created a culture of accountability for the marketing profession with a focus on justifying marketing spending and headcount.

Marketers today use an array of tools in the pursuit of campaign measurement. The tools used by marketing departments to analyze campaigns depend largely on their marketing mix. From search marketing and events to email marketing campaigns and direct mail, the tactics used by marketers are many and varied depending on the organization’s business strategy and goals.

The focus of marketing campaign analytics is two-fold. By developing a system for campaign measurement, the marketing department can systematically review discreet metrics associated with success, make the necessary adjustments to those campaigns or discontinue unsuccessful campaigns in order to optimize overall marketing effectiveness and allocate resources. Additionally, in this era of marketing accountability, a disciplined regimen of campaign analysis enables marketers to justify the dollars they spend on specific programs by demonstrating the success of those campaigns.

It is common practice among marketers today to analyze and measure all aspects of marketing for which there is data available. In creating a culture of disciplined campaign measurement, marketers are armed with more objective data on the tangible success and impact of marketing programs.

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