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Track your projects 24x24 7/7 

Our campaigns get managed via our Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool of choice: At LeadFabric we use Clarizen, facilitating intra-project communication and reduced email traffic. It provides 24x24 7/7 access to LIVE project updates. And tasks from your marketing staff (eg translation input, approvals, briefings) get managed automatically via the system. 

This system allows us to proactively and dynamically manage resource allocation. As soon as milestones are missed we are able to identify the potential impact on project execution triggering a conversation between the project manager and your campaign management staff. 

Flexible execution methods

Engagements can either follow Statement of Work (SoW) or Time and Materials (T&M) execution methods. SoW based projects include a scoping step as part of the project kick off. During this phase our Eloqua Certified Consultant collects: 

  1. The campaign objectives
  2. The milestones
  3. The campaign building blocks 

Service delivery

Our Eloqua Campaign Service typically consists of: 

  • Data strategy 
  • Engagement flows
  • Asset collection and eloqua conversion (including QA) 
  • Localization requirements
  • Qualification criteria 
  • Nurturing and scoring integration
  • Management and reporting 


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