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Playbook Creation

Documenting your processes is paramount. Documentation. Not the coolest or most exciting part of demand generation. But nothing is cool or exciting about underperforming teams, campaigns and revenue targets. LeadFabric has been focusing on the planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns for so long and in such depth that we've decided to write books about it. But it's not available on Amazon. It's your book. 

Documenting your process is crucial if you want to keep business processes like campaign planning and execution on track no matter what happens within your organization, or outside of it. Accelerate the speed at which a new team member is actually having an impact. Ensure you're leveraging all the best practices at your disposal. Just pick up the book. At LeadFabric, we help you with three specific documents:

  • Marketing Playbooks: Ensure your approach to marketing remains consistent
  • Sales Playbooks: Leverage your marketing investment to maximum effect
  • Channel Playbooks: Ensure your partners are working at an optimal level


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