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Pardot Marketing Automation

Smarter Marketing. Better Results.

If you are an SMB looking for a powerful, scalable and yet affordable Marketing Automation platform, then Pardot might just be the tool for you. With Pardot, creating inspired marketing campaigns is fast and easy.

When first starting, Marketing Automation can sometimes become a complex endeavour. Pardot helps you to keep things simple and efficient, and enables you to show real results in a short period of time. 

Backed by digital marketing giant ExactTarget, Pardot provides an intuitive interface to create emails, landing pages, forms and much more in just a few clicks.

You can of course leverage all of your existing assets in Pardot, by integrating your existing forms and uploading your own html templates for emails and webpages. Or you can decide to create it all in Pardot using their great drag-and-drop editor.

What Pardot does

Take the manual labor out of lead management and automate your most common marketing and sales processes with lead assignment, segmentation, and nurturing.

Pardot’s automation rules builder allows you to segment prospects, send targeted emails, simplify lead assignment, boost scores and grades, and notify users based on actions taken by prospects — all you have to do is set the criteria first.

For a quick look at how Pardot helps you align your digital Marketing activities with your existing Sales processes, take a couple of minutes to view the video below:


Lead Nurturing and Drip Marketing

Pardot can automatically send out emails based on time intervals, actions taken by prospects on your site, and other parameters that you set. Using lead nurturing to nurture your leads allows you to free up valuable marketing and sales resources to focus on sales-ready leads — without neglecting your prospects.

Keep in touch with prospects who are not yet ready to purchase, reengage dormant leads, send helpful tips to current or future clients, and offer content like white papers and webinars over time.

Smart Lead Capture Forms

Build professional looking forms with Pardot’s drag and drop form builder. Set up forms to collect prospect information and adjust prospect score and grade based on form submissions.

Build up these prospect profiles over time by using progressive profiling, which allows you to display new form fields to prospects based on the data points you have already collected. Collect the information that is most important to you by taking advantage of custom form fields, and prevent bogus form submissions by disallowing prospects from entering free email addresses into your forms.

Lead Scoring and Grading

Assist with lead management efforts by using Pardot to grade leads according to your ideal customer profile. Increasing or decreasing grades based on industry, job title, company size, or other criteria ensures that you’re only pursuing leads that are the right fit for your product or service.

Lead scoring, which gives leads a numerical score based on a lead’s implicit activities, is a great indicator of how interested leads are in your company. Pardot’s blended lead scoring and grading model gives you the ability to prioritize and qualify leads while building up detailed prospect profiles over time.

Want to know more?

If you have questions, feel free to contact us today! If you are looking for more information about Pardot, but are not ready for a conversation with their sales team just yet, LeadFabric is here to help you. As Pardot's prime partner in our region, we have the knowledge of the product, coupled with years of experience in the field of Marketing Automation. 







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