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Customer Experience Masterclass 

LeadFabric to provide structural participation and teaching at respected executive business school



Take a look at the curricula of the world’s top-ranked business schools, and you might conclude that sales is unimportant. Most executive programs offer no sales-related courses at all, and those that do offer only a single course in sales management. No mention of sales and marketing alignment, pipeline modeling or sales performance. Even at the undergraduate level of business instruction, sales courses are sparse.

What you do find in abundance is content covering financial management, macro and micro economics, cost accounting and attention to support functions like talent and human resources management. Yes, there’s also marketing. But not the modern marketing that aligns with sales because of the quite radical changes taking place in the way buyers engage with their vendors.

Marketing in business schools often is about products, and product market combinations. It’s about models like Porters’ competitive forces or Kottler’s 4Ps. Important as well but often decades old and to a certain extent in need of an overhaul.

Is it all that bad? No, innovative business schools have started to see the need for adding sales and marketing new style to their curricula. Awareness is growing that we have arrived in a world where today’s successful businessmen need to acquire skills that are scarce but teachable—and best taught in an academic setting.

Nyenrode business school is amongst those leading schools. As the most important business school in the region and ranked in the TOP 25 globally for their executive program,  they have recognized the aforementioned need. Real world practitioners from global companies like McKinsey, Phillips, EMC and many others as well as professors from the business school itself will be transferring their knowledge via 4 modules taught over 4 days through 22 courses. In addition to teaching several topics, LeadFabric has partnered with the BRW Groep, a Dutch provider of customer contact solutions, to provide structural guidance for the entire initiative.

The masterclass also includes an assignment which will be judged by a jury consisting of:

. Prof.dr. John Koster, Hoogleraar Marketing, Nyenrode Business Universiteit
. Roel van den Bergh, Customer Experience Sales Development Leader EMEA, Oracle
. Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen, Head of EMEA Business & Strategy, ClickFox partnership            
  McKinsey & Company
. Koen de Witte, CEO, Leadfabric
. Emile Elsbeek, Managing partner, BRW Groep

The program targeting Dutch executives, features courses taught in Dutch. More information can be found here.

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