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Marketer, Automate Thyself

When you think of marketing automation, how many customers are you looking right over? Because nobody ever said employees aren’t prospects too, particularly for internally focused departments.

Sure, marketing automation extends your reach, but it can also strengthen it. Starting inside your walls, MA can better inform, align and organize your employees to improve their interaction with people beyond your walls. Better, more consistent communications improve both the perception of your company and the reality of your bottom line. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Human Resources

From payroll and insurance to security, every new hire takes a fair amount of organizing. Before you even get to in-person and online induction or training sessions. Systems like Eloqua can automate much of the process – smoothly integrating schedules to ensure complete and consistent onboarding with no wasted hours or effort.

At the same time, such systems can initiate a nurture track, starting with a welcome note tailored by content and signature according to a new hire’s position. This note can link to a personalized web page giving contact information from HR to IT, even including temporary passwords for functions like expense and travel management.

Here again, automation can shape the depth and tone of a webpage with dynamic content based on department and title. Email reminders can ensure employee review of the page within a specified period, which can then kick off the ongoing nurture track.


Training for new employees can flow right out of the sequence we just discussed. Current employees? The training department can target them just as easily. Personal­ized webpages can offer links for mandatory as well as elective instruction both live and virtually. Again, reminders can prompt initial visits, even link to calendars and count down to actual sessions.

Training windows, exam scheduling, certification deadlines – all these can be seamlessly automated and ‘remindered,’ along with appropriate responses to success or failure at key branching points.

Internal promotion also makes perfect sense for, say, sales enablement tools. And when initial excitement falls victim to the comfort of old habits? Hello nurture track: remind and rally. Your system can recap the benefits of available tools and push people (repeatedly if necessary) to start reaping the rewards.

Internal Communications

From monthly newsletters to special developments or events, automation can target communications by almost any criteria you chose, make sure they get seen and dramatically improve the chances of follow-up.

So. Which of your company’s internal processes could use marketing automation? Which could it improve? Let us know, and we’ll happily give you our thoughts and suggestions.

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