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Department with an Obligation. And Opportunity.

Like it or not, the internet has shifted the balance of responsibility in the buying cycle. Sales is losing control of prospects. Marketing has to step up. And it can, especially in the early stages of the buyer's journey.

Between content marketing and a full array of online tools, Marketing has the means and the obligation to guide buyers along appropriate paths to closing. Careful assessment, timing and tar­geting can increase both a buyer’s interest in the offering and receptiveness to the Sales effort. That's the type of messaging you expect from a demand generation agency. But there is more.

Typically, Marketing houses the best writers and communication experts, but what if their skills can bring more value than ever to your company? Why do we ask? Because marketing are by definition the content experts and equipped with their demand marketing automation technology they can now measure, document and continue to refine their contributions. 

It's this very same skillset that can also boost efficiencies in areas that never used to give Marketing a second thought. Take HR. Thanks to legislation and compliance issues, they have to say more things, more simply, more often. Messages have to get delivered, and recipients have to understand them. This demands clear, simple, accurate communication (sound familiar?). Plus accountability – more and more announcements require an audit trail, as legal proof of delivery to all or specific employees.

So think demand generation playing distribution genie. Watch 5 enlightening minutes of this presentation. See how your marketing skills and technologies can add value to your organization from the inside out. More use cases. Same talent, capacity and infrastructure. If that doesn’t scream efficiency, we’d like to hear what does.














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