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Easy, Powerful, Complete.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do twice as many campaigns in half the time? And, wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly start getting more sophisticated when you were ready without having to switch to a new platform?

We all have limited resources and budgets. Let us help you maximize your resources by making one person look like seven. Let us show you how you can have your cake and eat it too.

Marketo is a software (as a service) provider. It runs on an infrastructure designed to provide the performance and reliability features that typically only blue chip companies can afford. Simple, scalable and secure, you get it all without having to invest or deal in any extra or new IT resources.

The need for fuel.

Software is a powerful engine. It automates business processes. The question is what business processes? Do you have those defined? Software implementations only provide real value when it’s automating the right things. That’s where we come in. Our certified consultants will help you start up your powerful engine.

But it doesn’t stop there. As Marketo's prime certified partner in Europe (EMEA) we can guide you every step of the way; from increasing your marketing efficiency to creating more revenue (opportunities).

Contact us today and let's have a chat on how we can help you along.

New to Marketo?

You don't know what Marketo can do for you? Need some guidance from an independent expert? LeadFabric is a certified exclusive Marketo partner. No one in this region has more Marketo certified consultants available. We can help you crystalize your needs and map them to available automation technology solutions.

Still not sure about what Marketo can do for you? Take a quick look at the video below.



Just exploring options?

If you want Marketo information, but you are not ready for a sales conversation with their sales team, contact us too. We can advise you on how to best approach your new Marketing Automation project.

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