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The LeadFabric Solution

We can help you build demand generation campaigns, and programs. And there are two levels at which we can operate for you:

Campaign Strategy

 We start from scratch and take you through our proven demand generation planning and design process. We design campaigns from soup to nuts taking into account all the intricacies of a revenue generating demand generation campaign.

Campaign Design

It could very well be that you have the strategic planning under control.  You just need help creating the actual campaign assets, or building nurturing tracks. Or perhaps just designing the reports? Take the assets and content that you need to power your campaigns: Animations, webpages and assessment tests for example. At LeadFabric we can help with that. What's more, because we understand demand generation, we design assets and content that fits with your underlying automation platforms and processes. That way, we create assets that take full advantage of your revenue performance management investment. 

Unlike traditional digital design agencies we don't concentrate just on the creative side. We do, however, deliver a service that has one metric in mind: Revenue. We don't just focus on 'tactical' numbers, like click-throughs and open rates; because in B2B buying, seldom are these the indicators that you've found visitors who are ready to buy!



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