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Project planning is critical to the success of any automation implementation. Pre-deployment requires marketing resources to collect data on the current processes as well as defining the strategies needed to operate the new marketing process. There is the added challenge of implementing the system while still managing ongoing operations, campaigns and programs. A major factor of all projects is to be able to maintain demand and lead generation while the software is being implemented.

In many instances, much of the 'to-be-automated' process is new to the organization. LeadFabric can help through:

  • Rapid Deployment implementations: Baseline implementations, configured in a short amount of time to get you up-and-running in a few weeks. This typically involves turning on most of the software’s functionalities, albeit it in simple set-up. Eg. One email template, one form, one scoring program, one lead nurturing track, basic reporting, etc.
  • Rightsizing implementations: Further fine tuning of Rapid Deployments. Eg. Creating more templates,  more complex scoring programs (per geo, B.U., etc), new nurturing tracks, etc.
  • Full-scale customized deployment schedules: This involves building a project plan and an implementation roadmap. When implementing software, planning and methodology are everything. Overlooking these initial steps can derail even the most elegant software solution.


After the successful launch of marketing software, many businesses will find that the resources and knowledge required to operate the system is greater than prior to the implementation. Also here LeadFabric offers solutions:

  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Statement of work driven rightsizing efforts
  • Managed Services
  • New breed campaigns that are fully utilizing the software

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