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Play ball

At the office it’s not all work. We have a punch ball to unload some excess stress. If punching is not your style but you’re more about finesse then perhaps our billiard is your thing?


LeadFabric has its lens on international markets.


Most of our fab staff gets to travel quite often. What typically only is reserved for more senior profiles is something everyone at LeadFabric experiences early on: you get to travel. Whether we send you off to get educated in London, or attend a partner user conference in San Francisco or conduct a training in Singapore. Our people get around.


Absolutely FABulous! 

No, seriously, it's not all work, work, work at Leadfabric. It's actually, work, work, work, work, FUN!

Sometimes, we've been so busy weaving that we just want to throw down the knitting tools and party. But we don't do it alone, oh no, we don't want to end up at a party or event where we're huddled in the corner talking about the latest version of Eloqua and it's cool new features. Or laughing about the latest Brainshark animation we've created. We'd rather do that with you, or customers ;-)

Check out some recent events we've been at, and watch closely...if you're good at lip reading, you'll spot us talking shop!

Rock Werchter

A tradition. Every year the entire team goes out and unwind backstage at one of the world’ most awarded Rock festivals. 


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