Marketing just got a new, more efficient engine

Thanks to the evolution of marketing automation platforms, like Eloqua and Brainshark, the team at LeadFabric is working with some of the greatest enabling technologies available. They provide extremely powerful engines.


But engines require fuel, so LeadFabric has created a series of Digital Marketing Assets that bridge the gap between one-off digital campaigns - that create leads in a vaccum - and powerful automation tools that are often only used for a small percentage of their capabilities.


The best of both worlds

Have you ever been in this situation? Half of the marketing team argues that every asset on the site needs its own entry form. The other half claims that all those forms scare off interested visitors that eventually leave your site without hardly leaving a trace.


Or do you fight over the length of a rich media piece, where the product team wants to tell all about features and functions whereas the marcoms team says that dumbing things down is the only thing that works if you want people to actually watch...


Why not have both? That's where LeadFabric comes in with specific tools and methods.

FabWriter for Marketing Automation. A win-win.

Welcome to FabWriter: an engaging animation for early buying journey conversations. It  eliminates the need to ask qualification questions too early  in a buyer's engagement, but then cleverly and subtly embeds those question into a rich media experience, making the piece interactive. A win-win situation. By using the answers within the animation, the campaign can adjust itself on the fly, creating different buying stories for each individual viewer, whilst capturing more information for your sales team.

FabWriter stores all the answers in the underlying marketing automation databse, thereby enhancing the digital profile of the visitors so that at a later stage these answers can be used for more precise and relevant nurturing and scoring.





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