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Eloqua's Modern Marketing Tour 2014

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The Modern Marketing Tour provides an opportunity for sales and marketing professionals to get the latest insights on how modern marketing can be applied. Oracle is stopping over in three cities in Europe. And the first one on the list is our lovely Amsterdam.

LeadFabric is pleased to be invited as one of the key speakers. This is an experience we’re happy to repeat; LeadFabric has been invited to present in every major Eloqua event in the Benelux and France since 2010. What do we have in store this time?


Why you need to feed your sales team more than just TOFU (Top-Of-FUnnel)

As Modern Marketers, we are being tasked with bringing a certain amount of fresh, qualified leads to our Sales Team. Naturally the focus then becomes how to find leads. How do you get more of them? Inbound marketing, social marketing, and also old=school and proven outbound tactics. They all help fill the funnel and countless articles and conferences focus on this aspect.

But then what? The important question is: what kind of leads are you feeding to your salespeople? And how do you help your sales people work those leads?

Research has proven that sales people have challenges getting the job done. The solutions they need to communicate are becoming more complex every day. Competition is getting fiercer due to globalization. And sales teams are bogged down in administrative tasks like tracking buyers, finding information about them and their solution. In some organizations, less than 30% of a sales person’ time is spent talking with buyers.

On Thursday March 27th, we will dive into the mechanics of sales and marketing alignment to demonstrate how Best-in-Class companies have found success using marketing automation to not only generate quality leads, but also how marketing automation systems like Eloqua can support the sales person AFTER he has been handed over the lead.

Registrations are still open but there are only a few seats left. Register now for the Modern Marketing Tour.



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