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Eloqua Marketing Automation

LeadFabric is a certified Eloqua partner. We go way back. Our most senior consultants started working with Eloqua 9 years ago. And if you realize Eloqua has only been around since 2000 it's easy to understand we know the platform inside out. And we are Europeans. So we understand local requirements like legislation and privacy.

More marketers rely on Eloqua than all other marketing automation platforms combined. Why? Because it makes customers successful along every step of the sales funnel – from lead generation to close.


Eloqua helps your customers & prospects overcome key business challenges

  • Align Sales & Marketing: send only the hottest leads into, and keep your sales reps in the loop on prospect activity so they close better deals... faster.
  • Generate more leads with less: join the successful marketers that are integrating and automating processes from drip marketing through to lead scoring to achieve greater efficiencies and provide their sales reps with a continuous stream of qualified leads.
  • Demonstrate and Increase ROI: leverage reporting tools and dashboards to show campaign influence on revenue and sales pipeline and identify successful campaigns.

As an added value service provider we live from long lasting customer relationships. Unlike many software vendors our value creation starts after the platform is provisioned. For that reason we care about reselling only what you need. Buying your marketing automation license via LeadFabric gives you that extra-localized pre sales information but it also provides you with the necessary protection so that you don't end up buying stuff that you don't really need.


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