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Demand Generation Campaigns

Your planning process needs a boost

Let's get one thing clear up-front: performing B2B demand generation exercises isn't as simple as "1-2" punch direct marketing "campaigns". The (m)ad men technique of spraying messages far and wide is a big no-no in today's world of ROI and online reputation management.

Success, for us, is not defined by how many people click through to a landing page or open an email. Of course, that would be great if everyone was literally 'ready to buy'! But we know that's not the case.

Buyers in a B2B world have long and often complex journeys toward a sale. A click through is at best an indication of somebody who wants to engage. Trying to read more into DM type responses –read: call these leads- or inquiries is what is getting marketing departments in trouble.

  • They need a method of scoring and routing leads to sales or CRM
  • They need to nurture those buyers that did not meet the score, because:

- They've not provided enough lead information yet
- They're not far enough through the buying journey
- They've been forgotten by previous marketing

These types of campaigns require much more than just some creative spin. They require strategic planning, technical knowledge and skilled staff. That's us.


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