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Time for a marketing & sales makeover

The tables have turned: We no longer control the buying process. Your buyers decide when and how to engage. And they have multiple tools and channels at their disposal too. Your buyers will often sail through the buying journey without even talking to sales. So? You have two choices: You can let it happen and see how your results are affected (not likely to be a pleasant experience), or you can build a process to facilitate the buyer being more likely to follow a path to your products and services. Whether we like it or not, the fact is that sales is moving later and later in the cycle.

If sales people aren't adding value, they won't be considered. Sirius Decisions says that 70% of the sales process is complete before a rep becomes engaged in the discussion. So who in your company adds value during that first 70%? Answer: Marketing!

The new marketing department

But not a marketing department of the past: There is need for more, an upgrade. The organisation needs to change, and so do the skills, and the processes. And processes scale only when they're automated. 

Automation does not happen automatically. Indeed, before investigating technology requirements like marketing automation or CRM you will have to understand what sales or marketing processes you actually want to automate. We offer a whole range of consultative services that help you define your missing demand generation pieces.

The LeadFabric Solution

Today, marketers have to be able to measure marketing effectiveness and its impact on revenue. At Leadfabric we know technology is key to obtaining that closed loop visibility and reporting, but simply bringing in technology does not solve the problem. You must take a step back and align your business process to the technology. 


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