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You have your own marketing software. Whether you procured it locally or your Headquarter has. Training can help you get further. But sometimes you need that external expertise. In certain cases, tech support from the software vendor might not be sufficient. To name just a few instances:

  • Time-zone challenges with your vendors support center or your own internal shared services team or demand center
  • Language issues
  • Lack of dedicated support agent that understands your needs
  • Cultural issues
  • Understanding local requirement issues
  • Lack of knowledge regarding your own configuration and setup by your technology supplier
  • Lack of personal attention by your enterprise software supplier
  • Need of honest and best practice driven advice (versus technology vendor driven support that forces to change your process into something that fits their software and offering)
  • Need for best practices straight from the field

LeadFabric can bridge the gap. We offer dedicated support. A dedicated person, or team of people, that fully understand your set up and requirements. After an implementation, we make sure that the necessary knowledge transfers occur, giving you the tools to be successful and reiterate on your own. Leadfabric customers that rely on our dedicated support service get access to:

  • Dedicated email (managed via our ticketing system)
  • Clear SLA and max response times
  • Access to our Box.Com collaboration workspace

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