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With buyers taking control of their buying process, B2B Marketing departments of today are looking for new ways to identify and engage with their prospects online.

Research has shown that organizations that structurally address these challenges create tangible added value in terms of P&L improvement. Coming along with this change are new concepts, new processes and often, new technology.

Since our inception, we've worked with leading pan-european and global companies as well as their local subsidiaries to help them deal with that change.

We started in this industry very early, when most technology providers and today's leading and independent research firms were still growing up. Thanks to that lead time, we have gathered years of valuable insights and field experience, helping our clients make that big leap forward rather than letting them go on their own trial-and-error run.

If you are looking for an expert adviser in the field of Marketing Automation, Lead Management or Sales Enablement, you've come to the right place. 

Here is what we can help you with (among other things):


When we engage with a customer, 2 strategic approaches can be taken:

International and cross-functional

The first route is advised when the transformation need is global and involves all of the business processes. In this case, we usually advise our clients to also engage with specialist research firms and advisory services companies. Yet we do stay involved to coach our clients.

Our seat at the table can add tangible value when the client reaches a point where he wants to start effectively and efficiently implementing these newly acquired inisghts and choosing the right technology

This is where our consultants step in for everything from provisioning and implementation to custom Sales and Marketing alignment workshops

Regional and focussed

In the event our client is operating on a regional scale, for example EMEA or on a country level, we offer more pragmatic and complete consultancy packages that either precede the introduction of new enabling technology or that improves a current implementation. The scope of these services offering typically encompasses:

  • Demand Generation business process
  • Sales Enablement business process
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

Our pragmatic consulting offering leverages and applies our field experience and insights to tangibly improve our clients sales and marketing performance.

When do clients need to engage?

Usually when we engage in such consultative cycles it means that this is the start of a business transformation or at least a change of approach, which precedes the introduction of new enabling technology. The need for this change is growing and many software companies that provide solutions in this area are jumping the gun to have you dive into their solutions right away.

However, bringing in technology that automates business processes is not a good idea if you don't have a clear idea about what to automate. Indeed, often times these emerging processes do not yet exist or are at best ill-defined.

Research has shown that most users of marketing automation technology are getting only a fraction of the ROI that they should or could be getting. The importance of a consultancy offering that precedes these software implementations should not be underestimated. 


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