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Channel management is a multi-faceted function that includes selecting channel partners, recruiting and on-boarding them and then enabling them to be productive indirect sellers. It involves making some key, strategic decisions including product selection, pricing tiers and geographic coverage and reach. And once you've decided to engage a professional sales team, the question of whether this should be company owned and managed, or led by a partner, is complicated but crucial.

But channel management, done well, has many benefits, including:

  • Revenue growth based on a variable cost structure
  • Improved geographic reach and coverage
  • Access to new accounts
  • Enhanced value proposition by partner

At Leadfabric, we build solutions for channel management around three core tenets:

We can help you build a holistic strategy and enable you with the technology needed to underpin it. Or, we can simply concentrate on providing you with one of the building blocks that enables your channel partners to perform, such as a powerful technology platform.



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