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Micro campaigns
Macro results

A recent trend discovered by Eloqua – the leaders in demand and campaign management solutions – is that a greater quantity of smaller marketing campaigns generates better results. This comes as no real surprise, as smaller campaigns allow us to target and communicate more effectively and relevantly with our target audience.

But building more campaigns, albeit smaller ones, does not have to influence production costs. Even when each campaign requires fresh content: new messages, new e-mails and new landing pages.

A marketing Automation software can help you to personalize and automate, but you will still need someone to provide the web content that makes the difference between a prospect and a lead.

Here at LeadFabric, we provide both the marketing automation skills and the execution resource right when you need it. And let's not forget that every time you use that resource, we'll be building on the combined decades of marketing automation experience within our team.

So we won't just start designing a cool and visually exciting campaign like a traditional agency would. We'll think about the buyer journey, and what assets are needed when. We'll think about weaving the right SaaS marketing automation tools through the campaign itself, and ensure that sales and marketing are aligned and ready to create the revenue your business needs.

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