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Sales Accelerator an integration of Brainshark with SFDC

Brainshark Sales accelerator for

The original Brainshark SFDC connector made it easy for sales reps to find and access video content. The new Sales Accelerator solution takes this integration a lot further and offers the sales rep a complete toolbox to close more business. Your sales team will increase its win rates, reduce the sales cycles and make every conversation count.

By enabling subject-matter experts to create and deliver better training, managers to coach more effectively, and sales reps to make the most of each customer engagement, the Sales Accelerator helps sales organizations of all sizes deliver value and drive each deal forward.

The product integrates presentations generated in Brainshark’s rapid authoring environment and other sources right in, so your reps can access the content and training they require. It puts content in context with the stage in the sales cycle, industry, prospect title, and more, without reps ever having to leave the CRM where they live, enabling them to close more business in less time. 

The powerful analytics create visibility in the sales process and promote best practices with regards to the content that is definitely working well in prospect engagements. Sales managers could use this data for coaching their team members.


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