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SlideShark versus other iPad solutions

SlideShark Team Edition is a critical piece of the Brainshark sales enablement platform.  SlideShark enables salespeople to better engage with their audiences during live presentations, advancing their opportunities to close the sale.

SlideShark competitors in the mobile space include companies like Showpad, an iPad application that allows the distribution of certain file-types to mobile team members. On the surface (no pun intended) slideshark looks similar, yet behind the curtains things are looking quite differently. We have listed the most important considerations when comparing both solutions.

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Content Conversion

Showpad converts all of its supported file formats into PDF documents. This creates a static piece of content which severely minimalizes the presentation experience for both the presenter and the audience. This also limits the effectiveness of the training delivered to salespeople or other mobile viewers who rely on the content to perform their function effectively. The only difference between a PDF conversion and simply printing out your slides is that they’re shown on the iPad and not on paper.

SlideShark was originally designed to solve the very critical pain in the business world of not being able to properly play PowerPoint content on the iPad. There has been a consistently demonstrated need for salespeople, marketers, trainers, and presenters to be able to view and present PowerPoint content the way it was originally meant to be seen. This means all of the fonts, colors, hyperlinks, videos, etc. display and animate as designed on the leading tablet.


Arming the Presenter

SlideShark Team Edition is a feature-rich application designed to empower salespeople and other business professionals during their live presentations. Unlike Showpad, SlideShark boasts a strong list of presentation capabilities to accommodate presenters with different requirements and presentation styles. These include but are not limited to:

  • Presenter Mode –view speaker notes and see a timer, hidden from the audience,  while projecting the slides in full on a screen
  • Remote control – move away from your iPad and use an iPhone to advance slides
  • Broadcasting – share your presentation in real-time with a passcode-protected link to remote viewers on other desktop or mobile devices
  • Laser Pointer – project a laser pointer by simply holding and moving your finger on your slides


Enabling the Sales Team

Showpad’s registration process is difficult, requiring separate logins based on role permissions and downloads content before the user can even open the app. Because the software converts files into PDF format presenters don’t know if their content was opened and viewed in its entirety. 

SlideShark delivers an intuitive, no-hassle experience to sales reps and managers while reporting an actionable level data back to the necessary stakeholders. Managers can determine what content and which reps are contributing to the overall success of the team. Sales reps have insight into how much of their content was viewed by each participant and, with this level of detail, can better prioritize follow up.


Security and Reliability

Showpad is a low-cost, new entrant into the sales enablement and enterprise software space. Their technology and reliability is yet to be tested. Firms that are uploading sensitive data to the Cloud should be aware of this.

SlideShark Team Edition is an enterprise-ready solution in use since 2011 and is built on Brainshark’s proven platform.  Thousands of customers - including half of the Fortune 100 -  and millions of individuals have relied on Brainshark’s technology since 1999. Brainshark is headquartered in the US with local support by Leadfabric and other international partners. Interested in a free and fully functional 30 day trial license? Click here.

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